What If The Queen Should Die?

By John-Paul Flintoff

A literary-historical adventure, based on the true story of Britain's most tragic queen

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Look how young I was when I started this book

I recently found this video file. It's very low-res (I didn't have a very good camera when I made it) but you can just about tell how much younger I was at the time. And how terribly serious I was.

And I started thinking about Queen Anne well before that - probably in the late 1990s. But then I got blocked. I put the novel away. I gave up.

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Robert Poynton
 Robert Poynton says:

I know how you feel. If I am honest about how long 'Everything's an Offer' took it would probably be about fifteen years. I know that I wrote the first version of what ended up being the first sentence in the summer of 2001 and it wasn't published until 2008. But I had already been working on it for years by the time that sentence was coined.....

posted 18th August 2014

John-Paul Flintoff
 John-Paul Flintoff says:

Well it was worth the wait, Rob.

(As I hope is this reply: I didn't realise you'd commented - sorry!)

The truth is, I don't really know when anything actually "started". I probably started thinking about something like this when my younger brother brilliantly beat me to it by typing a "Shakespeare" play about William the Conqueror aged about 5.

posted 29th September 2014

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