What If The Queen Should Die?

By John-Paul Flintoff

A literary-historical adventure, based on the true story of Britain's most tragic queen

Friday, 21 November 2014

I've been thinking about you

I've been wondering, recently, what you are getting out of the process of crowd-funding my book.

You might say, "The book, stupid!" But I have always found it helpful to try to enjoy the process as much as the end result. The "journey", as much as "the destination".

Speaking for myself, I'm enjoying the journey a lot, despite (or possibly because of) the odd wobble. But what's in it for you? Any thoughts? (I'm mad keen on thoughts.) 

Some time ago, my friend Sanky, who advises lots of brilliant people on very important projects, met me for lunch. I mentioned my Queen Anne project, and Sanky suggested I make a list of “abstracts” – a list of things a reader might find most compelling about it. I drew up this list:

Political rivalry
Spies and spying
Religious differences
The fear of being all washed-up
Chronic health problems
Inheritance disputes
Catastrophic loss

Anything in there for you?

Please let me know, because as well as thoughts, I'm mad keen on interaction. If you don't want to interact - that's fine! But if you have even the slightest interest in steering my crowd-funding - telling me what you like, what you might like a bit more of, or less - that would be ace. 

It's entirely up to you. 


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Trisha D'Hoker
 Trisha D'Hoker says:

I like the interaction with the author. When you read a lot, you develop a kind of short-term relationship with the author (for length of book at least, or for the good ones, a life time relationship I suppose) so being able to join you on your journey is fun and adds another dimension to enjoying the book.

posted 21st November 2014

John-Paul Flintoff
 John-Paul Flintoff says:

Oh brilliant - thanks Trisha. (Thanks especially for taking me at face value about comments.)
What's good about the interaction? What could I do better?

posted 21st November 2014

Henriette B. Stavis
 Henriette B. Stavis says:

What a nice invitation to think!

First of all, I like the idea of helping someone, who is working on a novel. That in itself is a pleasing idea. I hope that my pledge is not just financial, but also moral support. Ultimately, I hope to enjoy reading the finished book, but the sense of commitment and community is also appealing. Perhaps because much of modern life is so fragmented, pledges on Unbound tie us together in micro-communities.

I particularly like historical fiction, because I love tales from history, but am not mad about historical stringency. I like having my history served up in an entertaining way. I prefer if the facts in the novel are more or less accurate, but quite frankly the characters, the way they interact with each other and their context interests me much more.

So, I'm hoping for a good yarn in a historical setting and I will enjoy supporting you in the writing process!

posted 21st November 2014

Geoff Adams
 Geoff Adams says:

Why do I crowd fund is a good question. Why did I fund this book is a different one. On the first I enjoy books and to be a small cog in the process is satisfying. We all have a part of us that thinks there is a book inside. I mad most others will never do anything about it, and that may be a good thing. To fund a book read the she'd hit the target and have it drop on your desk one day is always a pleasure. But then is it any good. I have been amazed at some book from unbound others have been a great disappointment but that also part of the process.

Why this book? Anne has always been on my historical radar so to speak. She is royal but also human. The painting of her look like a real person you could meet in Tescos. She has that life has been hard look about her. So I funded this book to get some life into the pictures.
The process of Unbound is great and thanks to all involved.
Is the book going to be any good? I an looking forward to finding out.

posted 22nd November 2014

John-Paul Flintoff
 John-Paul Flintoff says:

Hi Henriette and Geoff
This is so helpful - thank you. The moral support just doubled by virtue of your taking the time to comment. Thank you thank you thank you.
I'm very glad to hear, Henriette, that you are not a stickler for historical accuracy. I've taken care to make "my" characters do things that I truly believe they either did or might well have done - but I've also taken liberties.
For instance, you might not realise, from reading the book, that Anne's older sister Mary, and her brother in law William, reigned briefly before she did. I've written them out of existence because they got in the way of the story of Anne betraying her father and taking his throne. She did do that - but it just sounds clunky if I have to explain that the others did it before her.
So: no William-and-Mary!
I too look forward to finding out if the book is any good, Geoff! (What would make it good? Well, if it entertains and pleases me, I guess.)

posted 24th November 2014

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