Who Hunts the Whale

By Laura Kate Dale and Jane Aerith Magnet

A satirical novel set in the exploitative world of big-budget game development

Friday, 13 May 2022

Progress on Who Hunts The Whale - Positive Steps

Hi Everyone


Laura and Jane here, with an update on progress on Who Hunts The Whale.

So, we finished and submitted our first draft of Who Hunts The Whale at the start of 2022, and have basically been in the editing process on the book in the months that followed.

The book has had its first development edit, in which an outside author is brought in to read the book, ask questions, raise suggestions, and basically help us see with a fresh set of eyes what works, what doesn’t, what could be added, and how we might improve the book past its first draft.

Our first development edit pass was a very positive experience. Our main piece of feedback we put a solid month into working on was adding more dialogue into certain scenes, and fleshing out some of the supporting cast to have more defined voices of their own. We spent several days together just talking back and forth in character voices with a microphone running, then spent a month using that as a base to add onto the core story that remained fundamentally unchanged.

We’ve got some exciting updates coming soon, including hopefully being able to show off a new version of the book’s cover design, which has been worked on by a very cool pixel artist we can’t wait to name drop.

Beyond that, we’re waiting for our second development edit pass to come back currently, after which we’ll spend another month making edits, and the book will be basically done on our end, ready to check for spelling and grammar errors, do typesetting, and start the process of going from manuscript to finished book.

We can’t wait to tell you more.

Laura and Jane

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