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Progress on Who Hunts The Whale - Positive Steps

Friday, 13 May 2022

Hi Everyone


Laura and Jane here, with an update on progress on Who Hunts The Whale.

So, we finished and submitted our first draft of Who Hunts The Whale at the start of 2022, and have basically been in the editing process on the book in the months that followed.

The book has had its first development edit, in which an outside author is brought in to read the book, ask questions, raise…

Progress on Writing Who Hunts the Whale

Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Hi all, Laura here, co-author of Who Hunts the Whale.

I wanted to send out an update just to let everyone know how progress is coming along on Who Hunts the Whale, a few months after we announced the book.

So, myself and Jane have finished our first draft of the book together. The core of the narrative is complete, the story can be read start to finish, and we are incredibly happy with the overall…

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