Who Hunts the Whale

By Laura Kate Dale and Jane Aerith Magnet

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A satirical novel set in the exploitative world of big-budget game development

Publication date: February 2023
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About the book

Supremacy Software is the world’s largest video-game developer and publisher. If you’ve played games, you’ve played one of theirs at some point. They’re the shining light, a dream job for many aspiring game developers.

Who Hunts the Whale tells the story of a newly hired PA taking a seat in the executive boardroom. An out-of-towner who risked it all to come to the big city and live her dream of working for a company she’s idolised for years.

But she soon discovers the cynical side of things. Stolen ideas, long hours, managerial impropriety – will she risk her ideal career and take a stand for those who dare not speak, or keep quiet in the face of a powerful, litigious corporation?

Written by industry insider Laura Kate Dale and (small ‘g’) gamer Jane Aerith Magnet, Who Hunts the Whale takes a witty, satirical look at the human cost of a rapacious market that must constantly be fed new content.

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