West of West

By Sarah Lee and Laura Barton

A photographic exploration of the edge of America at the end of Route 66 and Santa Monica Pier

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Glass HALF full..

I know I promised not to do too many inbox-blocking emails, BUT I couldn't let hitting the half way/ 50% point with our fundraising pass by unremarked upon. This is wonderful news for us and this book, and it's only possible becasue of the generosity and support of all who have pledged. We are both extremely grateful. And touched. 

I hope it isn't too long till we hit the final target and can deliver books/ prints/ workshops etc... 

Thank you so so much. 

Very best, Sarah x

PS - I feel if you're receiving this email then you've done more than enough to help this campaign already, but getting the word out and about is the best way of reaching people who may be keen to suppoort this too so if [IF!] you feel willing to share the Unbound page then that would also be enormously appreciated. 

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