Weightless Fireworks

By Scott Pack

A collection of haiku

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Writer's Cramp

Yesterday I popped into the Unbound offices to sign copies of Weightless Fireworks. There were just over eighty of you who had pledged for levels that included the need for me to scribble on copies of the book, so scribble I did.

I had a bit of a pile to get through.

I know authors usually sign the title page of a book but just before the title page we have this rather splendid illustration so I popped my autograph just below that.

As the signing went on, the pile of signed books proved to be a little less neat than the unsigned ones.

A few people had pledged for a handwritten haiku in their copies so I made sure that each one was unique. None of them feature in the book itself. Here is one of them.

And I snuck this farewell into the back of one book. I wonder who will get this one, or if they will ever notice?

Anyway, once I had finished mucking about the pile was finished.

So I assume these beauties will be winging their way to their new homes soon. Be nice to them.

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