Weightless Fireworks

By Scott Pack

A collection of haiku

Friday, 23 June 2017

Unavailable in All Good Bookshops

Every author who successfully gets their book funded at Unbound is given the option of having a separate edition produced for bookshops. So there is a beautiful hardback exclusively for supporters and a slightly less fancy, although still very handsome, version that will appear in bookshops and online a couple of months later.

I have asked Unbound not to create a second edition of Weightless Fireworks. I always wanted my collection of haiku to reach people who actually wanted to read it. I have no burning desire to send copies out to bookshops in the hope that someone stumbles across one and decides to take it home; there are far too many books published as it is and it seems pointless to add to the pile.

My little book has found enough support to ensure that it gets made and that the people who got behind it are rewarded with a beautiful volume of haiku. I have no ambitions beyond that. Unbound has helped me achieve what I wanted to achieve. It would be greedy to expect more.

This means that the only version of Weightless Fireworks that will appear in print is the one you can pledge for on this page. Once the book goes to print later this year there will be no more made. Ever.

And I rather like it that way.

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Sean Og Whelan
 Sean Og Whelan says:

A beautiful idea!

posted 21st October 2017

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