Weightless Fireworks

By Scott Pack

A collection of haiku

Friday, 9 June 2017

So, some things are happening...

No, really, they are.

Here are some of those things.

Words. All of the words for the book have been written. They are with the production team at Unbound who will press some buttons and tweak some files and suck the end of pencils and make some calls and shout across desks until the words get printed onto pages and are turned into lots of books.

Pictures. According to his recent Facebook status, Vaughan Oliver is currently designing the cover and typography of the book. I have worked with Vaughan before, on a couple of occasions, and he always produces something beautiful and unusual and intriguing and challenging - but I have no idea what he'll come up with for Weightless Fireworks. I know it will be all of those things but I don't know what it will actually look like. I hope to be able to share something soon.

Supporters. And I think Vaughan's Facebook update sent some new supporters this way as we've had a little flurry of pledges and have gone over 200 backers and 120% funded. Welcome newcomers, your support is hugely appreciated. You may well be mainly after the signed print of the cover art but you might also like one or two of the poems. Maybe.

Cakes. I am not sure when the book will go to print but I figured you've all been waiting quite a while so I am going to start working on the various rewards so that people start receiving some stuff soon. I am going to bake the cakes and write the personalised haiku and share the cookie recipes and all that gubbins and make sure that everyone who has paid a bit extra for one of the bonus items (or, at least, the ones I can work on now) actually receives them in the not too distant future.

So there you have four things that are happening. I was not lying.


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Tot Taylor
 Tot Taylor says:

Good luck Scott! waiting to read this one ! Tot Taylor

posted 9th June 2017

David Roche
 David Roche says:

I still have your f*cking jam hanging around...

posted 9th June 2017

Scott Pack
 Scott Pack says:

That's an unusual flavour of jam, David.

posted 13th June 2017

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