Haiku. In a Toilet. In Brazil.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

There is an independent bookshop in Brazil that I had not heard of till last weekend. It is called Boto-cor-de-rosa (it translates as 'Pink Dolphin', apparently) and they are currently running a crowdfunding campaign in order to stay afloat. One of the rewards on offer was to have a poem of your choice on the chalkboard in what they call their 'bathroom', but which I assume is their toilet.

I coughed up to get one of the haiku from Weightless Fireworks in there. They have just sent me a photo of the result.

I do hope they have nice soft toilet paper in there. And a warm seat.

Anyway, if you want to find out more about the bookshop, their crowdfunding page is here.

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sarah rebecca kersley
sarah rebecca kersley says:

Hi Scott, haha, it is indeed more of a toilet than a bathroom. We do indeed have lovely soft paper, and one or two people warmed the seat today whilst reading your wise words. Thanks again for your contribution to the campaign. All the best,
Sarah (Boto-cor-de-rosa bookshop, Salvador, Brazil)

July 01, 2016

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