Weightless Fireworks

By Scott Pack

A collection of haiku

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Editing the Rewards

This is just a quick post to say that as of the end of this week I will be closing down some of the editorial rewards that are on offer with Weightless Fireworks. As some of you know, seeing as you paid for them, I have been offering bargain deals on my editorial services with offers ranging from a review of your submissions package, making sure it is ship-shape before it goes off to agents, for £150, right up to editing you entire book for £750 (which is a lot of money but about half what I normally charge).

Anyway, seeing as the book is now funded I can revert back to the exorbitant prices I usually charge for this stuff, but I didn't want to do that without a little bit of notice. So if you know of anyone who might want to take advantage of one of these offers then please feel free to spread the word. We'll be closing them off on Friday.

All the other rewards will stay open, for now, and will probably do so right up until Weightless Fireworks goes to print. I am going to get started on the cakes pretty soon though. At time of writing I have 11 cakes I need to bake. 11 of these beauties.

It is my own recipe. Banana, hazelnut and birch syrup loaf with a salted birch syrup icing. I thought I might bake one a week or something. And then I have to work out how to deliver them. But more on the cakes in a future post.

Until then, more power to your haiku!

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