Weightless Fireworks

By Scott Pack

A collection of haiku

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Did You Miss Me?

So I am back in Windsor following a wonderful trip to New Zealand.

I met lots of amazing people, many splendid writers among them. I was taken out to lunch by a Dame, who is also a recipient of a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour from the French government, so I mingled with the finest that New Zealand has to offer.

I ate lots of amazing food. The ice-creams at Giapo in Auckland are the finest I have ever eaten, and I have eaten several ice-cream-van-loads of the stuff in my lifetime.

I saw lots of amazing scenery. Mountains. Volcanoes. Oceans. Bays. Islands. And hardly another person in sight.

And I got a bit of writing done. Nowhere near as much as I hoped but then I was busy eating food and looking at things. I am sure you understand.

Nonetheless, I have a book of haiku to deliver to these lovely people at Unbound and I am working on the final batch right now. I have been asked to hand over the manuscript before Christmas and then work will start on production in the new year.

So that gives you all something to look forward to. I am sure.

In other news, I have spent the past few days reorganising my bookshelves and was inspired to write this.

Thanks again to all of you for supporting my book so far. I am hugely grateful. So grateful I am actually going to finish writing it for you.


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