We Can Be Heroes

By Graham Smith

The definitive insider history of London clubland in the early 80s

Thursday, 9 February 2012

What people have said about the book

Gary Kemp:
Just got it and it’s AMAZING! Beautifully thorough and, unsurprisingly, stylishly constructed. It’s now my desert-island book! Well done and thank you, Graham and Chris. Gx

Martin Kemp:

What a wonderful book, so many congratulations to you, I have never seen anything that has or I’m sure will, capture those early days in those clubs. It brought back so many fantastic memories, I could almost taste the air of those early days again....I will treasure it all my life. Thank you so much. Big kiss. Martin xxx

Stephen Jones OBE:

Graham Smith and Chris, fantastic book. Where so much that has been published is 99% crap this is the real thing. It really is firingon all cylinders; elegant pictures, erudite writing, amazing rhythm and beautiful production. Every design studio in the world will be desperate to get a copy. Oh and my bit is nice too! xs

Andy Polaris:

Mine arrived today and whoosh back down memory lane. Lovely to see again your youth staring back at you, almost forgot what great times we all had. Everyone looks so fresh and edible. The book shows the wealth of creative talent that sprang from club culture.

Decades before you could google ‘style’ and steal everything wholesale, misters and sisters were doing it for themselves.

If only Eamon Andrews were alive he could do a Graham Smith ‘This is your life’ and we could all pile on and tell funny stories.

Paul Caplin (Haysi Fantayzee:

Well done, Graham, Chris. Terrific work. This book is a beautiful thing -- classy, stylish, and outstanding in every way. A labour of love.

And so many memories... Thanks from all of us. X

Siobhan Fahey (Bananarama, Shakespears Sister):

It’s a fantastic record of fantastical times, Graham! I love it

Drew Lewis-Robson:

Pure and utter bliss......fantastic and amazing......what more can I say!? ;-)

Kathy McIntosh:

The more I get stuck in the harder it is to put down!

Amanda Brown:

My book has arrived in Australia safe and sound - thank you so much Graham and Chris. I have a confession to make. I have spent the entire day with... THE BOOK! It must be love, love, love...

Jo Gahan:

My order’s in for a second copy Graham, Dave Gahan’s birthday present x

Jacqueline Capron:

It is the most fantastic book Graham and I am very proud of being part of our amazing culture/movement. My son who has grown up with the same powerful individualism that we carried through our early and later years now uses an adaptation of Robert’s quote for his

Mantra … ‘This isn’t a place for those who dress up for the occasion, but those who dress up as a way of life’ …..Bless him. x

Navaz Batliwalla:

It really is an outstanding document, I love an oral history and there are so many gems on every page. Esp glad that Phillip Sallon (sp? can never remember how many l’s) contributed. Yes, let’s get dem film rights sold now...

Gina Carrigan:

It is beautifully put together, a top quality book and a fabulous record of that special time we all shared. I am enjoying reading it and love the music pages with the vinyl covers that we all had. Thanks for all your hard work. You deserve all your success X

Chris Conman:

This book is just getting better everytime I pick it up.What a brilliant job everyone has done. Can’t get enough of it. Many Thanks.

Samantha Reynolds:

The playlists are amazing.......Party in the Kitchen....xxxx

Eve Ferret:

Thank You Graham and Chris, the postman woke me up this morning with me muttering ‘now bloody what!’ and it’s “THE BOOK” Hurrah! don’t know what the postman made of the Miss Haversham hair and no bra !!! swinging the book around xx

Amanda Sullivan:

Love it, love it, love it!! Thank you and well done. xxx

Warren Wint:

Got it yesterday. An excellently produced book. Great photos, history, write ups, it even feels good to the touch. Graham, I’d be proud to be the author of this. Well done, mate.

Steve Beech:

Got my copy this afternoon and would like to congratulate everyone involved with this epic journey of love. Faces I still gaze at across lunches youthfully explode from its pages, whilst those I foolishly lost from my vision all whirl in a memory-cascade of shimmering emotional beauty. I really adored the clubs, music and party crowd of my late teens and early twenties. Love to all of you and all you love.

Steve Beech Aged 50 and . :) xox

Steve Brown:

I can only say “Wow”. The book itself is beautifully crafted and the words and pictures transport me directly back to that golden age. All in all a fantastic production by Graham, Chris, all the contributors, and of course the people at Unbound. Congratulations to you all for producing a superb account of my (and of course yours and many others) nocturnal youth.

Beverley Glick:

I’ve spent a few hours this morning totally engrossed in this exquisite volume, which surpasses all expectations. Thank you to Graham, Chris and all contributors. Now we finally have a worthy record of an incredible era. I am honoured to have featured by stealth in

Peter Ashworth’s photo for the Skin Two flyer (during my Betty Page period), along with my dear friend Gill Smith, a veteran clubber who would have loved this book with a passion had she lived to see it. Simply wonderful.

Martin Black:

Superb. Was waiting for me when I got home from work and I can’t keep my nose out of it. I was too young to go to any of the clubs apart from the mud when it was at busby’s but it’s a fascinating read for those that were clubbing in the following years. You must be so proud, and rightly so!!

Marvey Mills:

What a gorgeous book, the love involved in putting it together just leaps off the pages. Well done Graham for the pix, the concept and finally getting it together, and thanks to all the contributors. A brilliant memorial to the best of times :)

Peter Ashworth:

Just got mine, and i cannot believe just how detailed this is, it is more like an encyclopaedia of the times, with charts of magazine and record releases alongside individual biogs and detailed descriptions of what went on at the Warren Street squat, amongst others - and illustrated by such a wide range of photos that you must have ALWAYS had that Olympus with you, and gone to every event you ev...

Franceska Luther King:

Thankyou for a simply stunning book!!! Great great photos and brilliantly compiled.....this has been waiting to be put together for a long time. I have flicked through it...now time to relish the text....thanks Graham, so great to see the best time of my life laid out so beautifully..xxx

Mark Huxley:

It’s got the lot, the grit and the glamour!! Well done again Graham & Chris. #;-)

David Ireland:

It arrived today.....Gobsmacked to find a picture of myself on pg 249, this is bringing back long forgotten memories, including that photo.....Thanks for putting this together....

Leona Murphy:

Book arrived today - amazing! If you told the 13 year old me that one day I would have an insiders view of the people I admired so much and tried to emulate .... I’d have probably swooned .... Plenty to read and lots of inspiration from a designers perspective...

Blummin marvellous!

Heather Clark:

Just got home to find my copy has arrived (it made my day), thanks to everyone else who pledged but thanks especially to Graham for making this possible in the first place. The book is amazing, makes up for the fact that i wasn’t there when it all happened, and is a massive inspiration. Thanks again! xx

Sarah Matheson:

The book is great !! Well done Graham it looks and feels brilliantly smooth and the texts is smart, good to have it on the coffee table and in my lifex

Freddie Boom Boom:

Superb read and outstanding pics/artwork! it should be on the national curriculum!

Kim Bowen:

It’s genius, by the way


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Christine Catlin
 Christine Catlin says:

Yes it should be on the national curriculum instead of all that dreary Shakespeare stuff. Looking at it every single day.

Christine Catlin

posted 21st May 2013

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