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A fan-generated book about the unstoppable force behind BTS. We Are ARMY.

ARMY is more than a fandom – it is a family.

A family with millions of members who have the ability to mobilise and build connections through social media. This has made ARMY a vibrant ecosystem, rich with diversity, passion and creativity.

WE ARE ARMY is a book that aims to showcase the passion, creativity and dedication of BTS fans from around the world. The book will include letters, personal messages, artwork, interviews and images that ARMY submit. It will also contain a K-pop glossary and essays on fandoms, social media and pop culture in a wider sense.

Whether you have been a fan since their debut or completely new; this book is for everyone who has been positively influenced/affected by the boys and the inspiring messages they spread through their music and lyrics.

This is a crowdfunding project, which means that when it hits 100% in pledges, the book will go ahead. The book can only exist with your support! When you pre-order, your name will be printed in the back of every edition (digital, hardback, etc.) of the book, giving you an opportunity to be part of this special commemorative book project, which is the first of it's kind.

Friends, this is your chance to put words to how and why BTS and the fandom has changed your life. Think of this book as one giant love letter to the boys and to fellow ARMYs!

We would love to receive original pieces of artwork, personal messages and letters to an individual member or the band as a whole that we could include in the book.

Did you meet your best friend through a mutual love of BTS? Are you part of a K-pop dance troupe? Has being an ARMY changed your life in any way? Did their music get you through a certain situation? 

We want to hear your stories no matter how small you think it is and regardless of age, gender, location, etc.! 

Olivia will select the most interesting and original submissions to appear in the book.

Feel free to get creative!

You can take part in two ways:

  • Preorder the book by buying a level on the right-hand side of this page
  • Submit a message and/or a piece of artwork after reading the guidelines

Before you submit, please read our submission guidelines HERE.

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Hey, my name is Olivia Jones and I like being weird. When I was a kid I used to film myself making stupid comedy sketches in my bedroom (no you can’t see them) and later on I fell in love with the silliness of the radio. At school, I didn’t even begin to try and fit in. Some people accepted that, and some people made me feel bad for it.
As an adult, it’s the best thing about me and it has given me opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. Now I get to be silly on the radio and talk to the pop stars I used to be (still am) obsessed with!
For me, life is about giving people the recognition they deserve. If you are a good person and you treat people with warmth and love that is worth way more than your Instagram followers or money. I hope I can help people find their happiness. *wipes tear* I’m alright.

Find me over on Twitter @ThatOliviaJones and click HERE to watch my radio interview with RM (Namjoon).

It looks like Olivia Jones has not made any updates yet. Check back soon!

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