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Monday, 10 October 2011

Video of Sylvie Husselmann - former world champion - in action

I found a Pathe newsreal featuring Sylvie Husselman, Luxembourg's 1961 world champion water skier, in action in the 1968 world championships in Ruislip.

She came second in the slalom and The announcer introduces her with the immortal words: 'carving out some shapely curves in the women's event'. She also appears to have won the 'figure skiing' event that year (although I've never seen this mentioned anywhere else) which looks like a version of trick water skiing on two thick skis (presumably because women weren't seen fit to do the full trick event at the time).


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Keith Kahn-Harris
 Keith Kahn-Harris says:

Oops, I didn't include the link. Here it is:

posted 11th October 2011

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