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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Luxembourgish in other languages

As part of my project I've been trying to learn a little Luxembourgish - or Lëtzebuergesch as it is known in the language itself.

It's one of the three official languages of Luxembourg (with French and German) and until recently was the language of everyday life but not of literate culture. The first Lëtzebuergesch films and novels appeared only in recent decades. 

Lëtzebuergesch is sometimes dismissed as a dialect of German but German itself is only a standardised version of a language that has many varities, some barely intelligible to each other. So perhaps German is better seen as a dialect of Lëtzebuergesch. 

I love languages, lesser-used languages most of all. For yours and my delectation and enjoyment I've compiled a list of names for Lëtzebuergesch in other languages. I won't reveal how I managed this (clue: I used Wikipedia). Enjoy (and excuse the formatting problems - Unbound's site doesn't recognise certain characters): 

Afrikaans - Luxemburgs

Alemanisch - Luxeburjerisch 

Basque - Luxenburgera

Bavarian - Luxnbuagisch

Breton - Luksembourgeg

Catalan - Luxemburguès

Cornish - Lushaborgek

Czech - Lucemburština

Danish - Luxembourgsk

Dutch - Luxemburgs

French - Luxembourgeois

Icelandic - Lúxemborgíska

Kabyle - Taluksemburgit

Scots Gaelic - Lucsamburgais

Sami - Luxemburggagiella

Slovak - Luxembur?ina

Slovene - Luksemburš?ina

Turkish - Lüksemburgca

Walloon - Lussimbordjwès


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Gail Chester
 Gail Chester says:

What - no Welsh? Or Hebrew? Or Yiddish?

posted 27th October 2011

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