Walking On Thin Air

By Geoff Nicholson

A memoir, told in 99 short essays, about walking and mortality

Thursday, 11 November 2021

First Update

This is my first progress report for Walking On Thin Air.  As any author will tell you, this crowdfunding is a tricky business.  You have to be fairly shameless in asking for help and money, which doesn't come easily to me or I expect most writers.  You fear you don't have enough friends and fans to make the project work.  The good news is I've been very pleased and in some cases very moved, by the support I've received so far.  I don't expect or demand anything from my contacts but I've been touched by how many have come to join in the crowdfunding fun.  There's still a long way to go and, as expected, this is going to be more of a marathon than a sprint.  But the ball is rolling and I'm hoping it gains moment.

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Nick Sweeney
 Nick Sweeney says:

Thanks for the update. I promise not to cross-examine you about it in real life when I see you!

posted 11th November 2021

Kate Brunskill
 Kate Brunskill says:

I arrived at What We Did on Our Holidays and journeyed on with you from there. Please keep on keeping on!

posted 11th November 2021

Andrew Wood
 Andrew Wood says:

Hi Geoff, I discovered your work a couple of years ago via Complete Review and have really enjoyed your fiction and nonfiction, including your blogs. I emailed M.A. Orthofer, from the aforementioned site, about your crowdfunding enterprise so hopefully he will spread the word; he is a fan of yours too.

posted 12th November 2021

Geoff Nicholson
 Geoff Nicholson says:

Thanks Kate (Brunskill) - that's a long journey we've been on together - many thanks.

posted 16th November 2021

Geoff Nicholson
 Geoff Nicholson says:

And that you too Andrew (wood) - Complete Review have always been very good to me. I appreciate you giving them the nudge.

posted 16th November 2021

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