Virtual Cities

By Konstantinos Dimopoulos

A beautifully illustrated atlas exploring and mapping the spectacular imaginary cities of video games.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Two Brand New 'Virtual Cities' Pledge Levels

Popular demand --expressed both publicly in the book's FAQ secion, and privately via emails-- led us to the inclusion of two new pledge levels for the Virtual Cities campaign:

- the Signed Bookplate and Postcards (a special offer) level offering the book, the signed bookplate, and the postcards,

- and the Book Bundle pledge aimed at retailers, and indie shops featuring five copies of the atlas.

Oh, and please do allow me to thank you all deeply for making this campaign a wonderful success so far. Both I, and Maria are touched, and excited beyond words.

  --  Konstantinos


P.S. We are already and at the time of writing at 77% of the funding goal, and with your help via twitter, facebook, social media of all sorts, blogs, and, of course, loudspeakers are bound to hit 100% pretty soon. Please do keep spreading the word!

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