Virtual Cities

By Konstantinos Dimopoulos

A beautifully illustrated atlas exploring and mapping the spectacular imaginary cities of video games.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Progress Beneath a Union City

The 45th city to appear in the Virtual Cities atlas will be the dystopian Union City from 1994's Beneath A Steel Sky. This beautifully illustrated, rich, sci-fi metropolis governed by the all-powerful LINC computer is the final addition to the book's contents (previously announced here); the 45th atlas entry.

What's more, after countless hours of work the Virtual Cities manuscript is finally close to being submitted! We aim to deliver all texts, maps, and illustrations to Unbound within March, and thus within Q1 2019, though experience has taught me that allowing for another week or two would be wiser. Just deciding to rewrite an entry or redo an illustration may cost us another week or so, and I'd rather be certain of the book's quality than deliver it a few days earlier.

So, provided nothing goes spectacularly wrong the next update should be about letting you all know that the manuscript has been submitted. Until then do please follow the progress of the book via my twitter feed.

Thank you all for your wonderful support, and for allowing us to work on such a fascinating project! 

- Konstantinos

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Dustin Goncharoff
 Dustin Goncharoff says:

Thanks for the update!

posted 22nd February 2019

Konstantinos Dimopoulos
 Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

A pleasure :)

posted 22nd February 2019

Medok Dubins
 Medok Dubins says:

At least - when?

posted 9th May 2019

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