Virtual Cities

By Konstantinos Dimopoulos

A beautifully illustrated atlas exploring and mapping the spectacular imaginary cities of video games.

Friday, 19 July 2019

News, dates, and an exhibition

Hello everyone,

I am happy to let you all know that Virtual Cities has entered its pre-press phase, meaning that all the thoroughly edited, touched-up, and polished texts, illustrations, and maps are now ready to be assembled into the final version of the atlas. There are of course things still left to be done by the excellent Unbound team (mainly design work, type-setting, proofreading, and the final cover), and then there's the actual printing, but the point is that we really are getting there. Actually, we even have a publication date: September 2020! Backers will happily be getting the book a few months earlier than that :)

On other news, Maria's illustrations and our maps from Virtual Cities, along with some sketches, texts, and maps from my own work on the design and planning of urban environments for games [] will be shown at the 'Videojuegos. Los dos lados de la pantalla' (link) exhibition in Madrid from 27, September 2019 to 03, February 2020. A trip to Spain might thus be in order.

Oh, and hope you all have a great summer!

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Bartlomiej Nagorski
 Bartlomiej Nagorski says:

Wait, September 2020?...


Oh, boy. I hoped it would get published this year. :(

posted 19th July 2019

Konstantinos Dimopoulos
 Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

Hopefully backers will get it quite a bit earlier than that -- to be honest I too thought the process would be much faster but I've come to understand there are far too many details to be taken care of, and lots of massive shipping around of things.

posted 19th July 2019

Nikolai Mende
 Nikolai Mende says:

Oh boy, 2020... Nevertheless, I'm sure it will be woth the wait. And, Konstantinos, I can only imagine how much of an effort this all took, takes and will take for even some more time. So thank you for your commitment and perseverance, for not giving up and driving this project! Wish you the best of luck.

posted 9th August 2019

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