Virtual Cities

By Konstantinos Dimopoulos

A beautifully illustrated atlas exploring and mapping the spectacular imaginary cities of video games.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

A peek at the 'Collection of Game Design Articles' ebook

While the designers of Unbound are busy making Virtual Cities as beautiful a book as it can be, I've been working on the ebook promised to the people backing the atlas at the Collection of Game Design Articles, Three Prints, Map PrintPostcards and Prints, Hangout, Slipcase Edition, Patron, and Super Patron levels. This collection of articles, essays, talks, and new and previously unpublished material has already grown past 35,000 words of hopefully useful material, and I must admit that it's turning into a much larger and much more interesting project than I originally expected it.


Here is a look at its current, and still not finalised contents:


Transcribed & edited talks:

* Urban Design and the Creation of Videogame Cities

* Immersive Urbanism: Breathing Life into Game Cities

* Political, Playful Cities & Simulations

* Building Believable Utopias and Interactive Dystopias

* Narratives in Urbanism & Storytelling Cities

* Constructing Game Worlds (In One Hour) 


Edited & expanded Articles:

* Those Handy, Simplified Urban Structures 

* Implying Size and Complexity 

* Essential Books to shape your Game City 

* A Nékromegàn Tale of Two Cities

* The Urbanism of Thimbleweed Park 

* The Motionless City 

* Building Better Game Cities

* How urban functions shape video game cities


Original Content:

* The three civic types of lovecraftian horror

* Tips for designing horror towns

* Elements of the city -- a selection of lists

* Random City Construction Charts 

* Maps & sketches

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