Virtual Cities

By Konstantinos Dimopoulos

A beautifully illustrated atlas exploring and mapping the spectacular imaginary cities of video games.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

10 Virtual Cities cities revealed!

Thank you all for the wonderful, heart-warming support!

The Virtual Cities atlas, this artful, and very cartographic journey through gaming's cities would never be possible without the love you have shown it (and us). Honestly, thank you!

The campaign is already approaching the point of being 50% funded, and I'm certain that by spreading the word even further, we'll be hitting 100% very soon.

Now, you should have noticed that City 17, *******, Kamurocho, New Vegas, Silent Hill, Antescher and Lizard Breath will be part of the atlas, and you may have also noticed that certain versions of Hong Kong, and New Orleans have been mentioned too. So, allow me to clear things up regarding the latter, and to reveal more regarding the book's contents with the help of this here list of game cities we have already started mapping, and are actively working on:

    New Orleans - Gabriel Knight

    Hong Kong - Shadowrun Hong Kong


    Rubacava - Grim Fandango

    Dunwall - Dishonored

    The City - Thief

    Midgar - Final Fantasy VII

    Citadel - Mass Effect

    London - Assassin's Creed Syndicate

    Anor Londo - Dark Souls

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Daniel Wieding
 Daniel Wieding says:

I'd absolutely love to see Novigrad from "The Witcher 3"! I think it would be a great addition to the book!

posted 23rd May 2018

James Brown
 James Brown says:

Awesome stuff so far!! Love that Yakuza Kamurocho is going to be in this book! Would be awesome to see a city from Shenmue aswell, maybe Dobuita or even something bigger like Wan Chai from Shenmue 2!!

posted 23rd May 2018

Ian Newton
 Ian Newton says:

Would love to see New Mombasa from the Halo series

posted 23rd May 2018

Ethan Ward
 Ethan Ward says:

Awesome! Looking great :). I'd also like to quickly mirror what James said particularly about Dobuita or Wan Chai from Shenmue 1/2. Those cities were so alive and ahead of their time in so many ways.. I'd just die of happiness if they were included ;). Keep up the great work!

posted 23rd May 2018

Ethan Ward
 Ethan Ward says:

Sorry for the double post haha.. but also as Daniel mentioned Novigrad would also be a fantastic addition! It's the most exciting city I've experienced since Dobuita/Wan-Chai. I walked around it for many hours marveling at its complexity, architecture, etc. Cheers!

posted 23rd May 2018

Finn Ellis
 Finn Ellis says:

Not sure if you're taking city suggestions, but since everyone else seems to be offering them ... Columbia from Bioshock: Infinite? Looking forward to seeing whatever set you end up with. :)

posted 24th May 2018

Konstantinos Dimopoulos
 Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

Thank you all for the suggestions! And know that at least one of the cities mentioned has already been worked on :)

posted 24th May 2018

Connor Hope
 Connor Hope says:

While everyone's suggesting cities in here I thought I'd say that Hekseville from Gravity Rush would be a great choice.

posted 25th May 2018

Gahyeon Ki
 Gahyeon Ki says:

really appreciate you because i love this awesome idea. and i might be happy if the city, such as Pripyat in S.T.A.L.K.E.R series is included in the project :)

posted 30th May 2018

Matt Gee
 Matt Gee says:

Bowerstone (Fable), USG Ishimura (Dead Space), Bright Falls (Alan Wake) and Citadel (Oblivion) would be great additions!

posted 31st May 2018

Mike van Putten
 Mike van Putten says:

I agree with Matt Gee about Bowerstone from the Fable series. I would also like to see one of the oldest Game cities Hyrule Castle Town from the Zelda series preferably from Twilight Princess.
I hope this awesome project will get more attention and supporters.

posted 7th June 2018

robert berg
 robert berg says:

Make sure to complete as many real city details as possible. Maybe one day these details will be needed as happened with Assassin's Creed Notre Dame.

posted 23rd September 2019

robert berg
 robert berg says:

Make sure to complete as many real city details as possible. Maybe one day these details will be needed as happened with Assassin's Creed Notre Dame.
Writing a purposeful paper

posted 23rd September 2019

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