By Tom Cox

A novel covering two centuries of folklore and earth magic in a moorland village.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Villager: The Cover!

Dear supporters,

It gives me huge pleasure to reveal Joe McLaren's brilliant cover for my debut novel, Villager. I haven't shared this on social media yet, as I wanted to give you the the first look, as a thank you for your generous early support of the book. I think the image - co-devised with Unbound's art director Mark Ecob - really encapsulates the feel of the book and works as a lovely companion piece to Joe's cover for my 2018 short story collection Help The Witch.

The pledges are still open on the Unbound page for the book for a while yet, and there's no better way to support me and my publisher than by pledging for a first edition hardback, so If you wanted to share the image on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page, or with any friends, that would of course be thoroughly appreciated.

All the best, and thank you again for making this happen!


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Sorella Fleer
 Sorella Fleer says:

Gorgeous cover!

posted 21st September 2021

Diane Lee
 Diane Lee says:

Looks terrific!

posted 21st September 2021

Della DeMarinis
 Della DeMarinis says:

Perfect - can't wait to read it!

posted 21st September 2021

Susan Lindon-Hall
 Susan Lindon-Hall says:

I really love that. If it was on the shelf in a bookshop I would be drawn to it

posted 21st September 2021

Anita Norburn
 Anita Norburn says:

Great cover, I love it!

posted 21st September 2021

Angela Bray
 Angela Bray says:

I love it! Can't wait to read it.

posted 21st September 2021

Peter Wood
 Peter Wood says:


posted 21st September 2021

Alison Hull
 Alison Hull says:

Brilliant looking cover. I would certainly be drawn to it if it was on display in a book shop.

posted 21st September 2021

Jackie O'Brien
 Jackie O'Brien says:

Love it.

posted 21st September 2021

Elizabeth Allison
 Elizabeth Allison says:

Vibrant! Reflects your work :)

posted 21st September 2021

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