By Tom Cox

A novel covering two centuries of folklore and earth magic in a moorland village.

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Villager news

Hello lovely supporters,

Villager is now finally out in the world! Thank you again for making it happen. I'm very pleased to say that the book made it to number 18 on the UK hardback fiction bestseller chart in the week of publication and has already had some lovely reviews. You should all have your first edition hardbacks now (please email if not) but if you'd like to buy another for any friends or family, I do have a few here at home, available signed, with a bookmark made by my mum, Jo, featuring one of her designs from the book. Please email me via the Contact form on my website if you'd like to order one. (Sorry but I'm only posted to the UK right now - Blackwells is a great place to order from if you're outside and would like another copy, as they do free worldwide delivery.)

Did you know that the amazing Villager soundtrack, Wallflower by RJ McKendree, is also now out? The vinyl sold out almost instantly, but you can order the CD, cassette or download here: I'll soon be talking about this, the book, and other music matters on the Word In Your Attic vidcast/podcast with Mark Ellen and David Hepworth.

Finally, I also wanted to let you know that I now have a new, smarter website: There's lots and lots of writing on there plus links to my new podcast, Moorland Community Radio (episode three coming soon). I've also transferred the payment system for subscribers from Paypal (who took a horrific 30-40% of every sub) to Stripe and have some of my mum and dad's original art to give away to new subscribers who opt for the £5 a month option or more. 

That's all for now. Thanks again for helping to make another book a reality! Now onto the next one...


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