Vicious Rumer is an Amazon bestseller!

Friday, 18 May 2018

Hey everybody!

I hope you've all had a great week. It's been 16 DAYS since Vicious Rumer was unleashed on the world and, on top of making a book happen, you also helped make a #1 Amazon bestseller!

Because, yes, last week Vicious Rumer was the #1 young adult horror novel on Amazon, and she's consistently been #1 in the 'Scary Stories' chart, too. How amazing is that?!

Hopefully by now you will have received your copy of Vicious Rumer – whether that's the digital version or the paperback. Digital pledgers, make sure you check your inbox/spam for an email titled 'Vicious Rumer ebook is now available to download'. That's where you can download your digital copy. (There's a known problem that this email sometimes gets lost and winds up in the spam bin, so it's worth double checking.)

Some things...

  1. My big ask: Please drop a review on Amazon! Rumer needs 50 reviews before Amazon will promote her to other readers. Your review can be five words or 500, depending on how effusive/caffeinated you're feeling. Please help give her this final push. This is where she's at: Amazon UK, Amazon US.
  2. In other news, Vicious Rumer made it into SFX, Heat, Bella and Closer magazines, and she'll be making an appearance in the Daily Star's entertainment supplement on Sunday, so keep those peepers peeled.
  3. Can't see Vicious Rumer in your Waterstones, Foyles or local bookshop? Ask them to stock it and they'll order it in for other readers to peruse.
  4. And if you really want to keep spreading the Rumer, here are some ways to do so.

Thank you again for going with me on this journey. I really hope you enjoy Rumer's story.

Speak soon.

Josh x

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