Vicious Rumer

By Joshua Winning

Haunted. Hunted. Cursed. You’ve never met anybody like Rumer Cross.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Rumer is out!

Hey everybody.

Yes, you read that right... THE RUMER IS OUT!

It’s publication day for Vicious Rumer. Honestly, it’s a bit surreal. Rumer has been growling away in my head for years and it now weirdly feels like we’re breaking up. She’s going off on her own adventure. But think of all the amazing people she’s going to meet!

Thanks so much for your support, and for literally helping to make this happen. There would be no Rumer without you.

You should all have received your digital copy of the book, and the paperbacks will be winging their way to you as we speak! When you receive your copy of Vicious Rumer, if you enjoy it (*shoots nervous glance around*), please consider reviewing it on Amazon (here: Rumer needs 50 reviews before Amazon start promoting her story to other readers.

Reviews can be two words or two thousand – it’s entirely up to you! (Though 4 or 5 stars would be nice, obviously.)

I'm off to a little shindig to help launch Rumer on her merry way.

To Rumer!

Josh x

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