Vicious Rumer

By Joshua Winning

Haunted. Hunted. Cursed. You’ve never met anybody like Rumer Cross.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Spread the Rumer! How to support the Killing Rumer campaign

Hey all! Your support for the Killing Rumer campaign has been truly overwhelming. Between your pledges, shares and lovely words, my shrivelled little heart has been warmed and renewed over the past few months.

A lot of you are asking just HOW you can support the campaign if you're unable to pledge, so here's a handy post to give you an idea of what you can do... And THANK YOU!

Email your buddies!
If you have the time, chuck an email at a handful of your bookworm friends. It doesn't have to be an essay. Just give them the basics.

Tell them this: Killing Rumer is a YA crime thriller with witchy elements. It's a bit Jessica Jones, a bit Lisbeth Salander, and follows a badass teenage girl who's thrown into a world of gangsters and the occult.

And share this link:

Retweet these!
Lots of lovely magazines/readers/authors have tweeted about the Killing Rumer campaign, so pay them back by giving them some support (and a follow!) and retweeting these.

If you tweet, be sure to @JoshWinning and use the hashtags #KillingRumer and #RumerHasIt so I can find you!

Share banners!
The amazing artist Louise Brock has created a series of awesome postcards (which you can get FREE when you select the 'Awesome Extras' pledge at Unbound). I've popped a couple of them below. Feel free to share far and wide!

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