Version Thirteen

By Martin Baker

A searing thriller that pitches the oil industry against the arms trade

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Of Canada, Hollywood And Human Skin...

Hello again. Version Thirteen news bulletins arrive like the buses of popular cliché. After nothing for a while, suddenly three bits of (to my mind, interesting) news arrive at once.

Today, I’m largely confining myself to item number one. Many thanks to Penguin Random House Canada, who’ve picked up V13, and have been publishing it since mid-May. I had to find out for myself when researching this note, but hey – this is publishing, and I’m an author. Lucky I found out at all.

Pleasingly serendipitous is the fact I met Ian Hudson, the CEO of Penguin Random House International at an event last week. So I’ve got plenty to tease him about when we have our lunch to discuss lower-league football (poor bugger has a life informed by the woes of Scunthorpe United, a team managed by a hero of my own dismal Preston North End sub-culture). Once we’ve established who has the bragging rights to supporting the more obscure and unsuccessful team, we might even get round to giving the book a bit of a bump in Canada.

#2 Item two concerns renewed interest from Hollywood in V13’s predecessor in the Spendlove trilogy, Meltdown.

#3 And then there’s the advent of a series of pop-up book events at clubs, book shops and book groups – all organised by my publishers (just kidding about that – I’ll be doing it myself, obviously).

PS Meltdown has now been borrowed over 40,000 times in UK public libraries. At 7p a shot, that buys more than lunch in my world. Moreover, it speaks of the appeal of the material [there’s no advertising in libraries I’m aware of). Anyone know how to get books onto library lists? I asked about this a couple of years ago...

Answers, please, on a piece of human skin (preferably flayed from the back of a self-appointed communications expert) or, failing that, by email… 

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