Version Thirteen

By Martin Baker

A searing thriller that pitches the oil industry against the arms trade

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hollywood: It Does What It Says On The Sin

The latest Samuel Spendlove novel, Version Thirteen, is coming along nicely.  But there’s a bit of work to do - important, but not structurally significant.

Let me amplify this straight away so as to avoid confusion. I’m not afflicted by optimism like it’s some sort of congenital disease. For example, I’ve never described the Second World War as a bit of a ruck. And I wouldn’t have seen the pagan temple after Samson had finished with it as an enjoyably challenging self-build project. When I say “a bit of work”, I mean just that – some, but not much.

This novel must stand on its own, as all novels must. But Version Thirteen is part of a trilogy...

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