Version Thirteen

By Martin Baker

A searing thriller that pitches the oil industry against the arms trade

Monday, 17 March 2014

From Tiny Wee Audio-Visual Acorns...

...Great big movie oaks grow. Well, I hope so. 

Unbound, bless them, commissioned Kris McManus to make the absolutely stonking  V13 video. I really so impressed by the way he made a sad, middle-aged bloke look almost interesting. And then we had a Christmas lunch in 2012 with John Mitchinson and a small hillside-full of bottles. Kris let it slip that he'd made a feature-length movie (one of two, in fact). Once I was feeling well again after our seven-hour lunch (just a week or so later), I looked at the movie, and decided to set up this company - to make movies, and celebrate the talent of British diectors like Kris.

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