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Encomia: Unbound's Business, Liz Garner's Editing - And A Christmas Offer!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hi folks - I recently did a little turn on Share Radio (my Northern roots showing there, I think). You have to join up to "Audioboom" (relatively painless) to listen to this. It's a few moments of Version Thirteen in all its "inside the velvet rope of the geo-political VIP room" glory, and some kind but richly merited words about Unbound, and especially my editor, the peerless Liz Garner. 

Here's a Christmas Offer - first one you've come across, right? If you buy a copy of Version Thirteen and would like it dedicated or just signed, just buy a copy, then message me or Tweet to me on @V_Thirteen and I'll get it organised. 

Love, hugs and kisses to all.


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