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A Little Something For The (Ukrainian) Week End

Monday, 9 June 2014

So, here's something I hope you like. It's why and how good thrillers have to be rooted in the real world, I believe.

I attach an (unproofed - couple of spellers in first page) piece on the reality of doing business in Russia. It's for a magazine that's just about to launch... The article throws light on the difficulties of doing business in Russia and with Russians on just about any level. See the fun the Ukrainians are having trying to tie down President Putin just now. 

As so often, it's easier to tell a real-world truth in the fictional space of a novel. The piece draws on my experiences as a keen amateur Russianist and a former researcher for INSEAD, etc - all of which helped form the backdrop to Version Thirteen.

And don't forget, Samuel starts his adventures in Moscow and Kamchatka at the Hotel Ukraina.

Love, hugs and kisses to you all (and your mummies)

Download the PDF here






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