By Yannick Hill

An epic novel about identity in the internet age

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

VERSAILLES (written in mid-air with sparkler)

What an amazing thing this is: to be able to talk directly to a future audience. I want to thank you early pledgers for your belief in Versailles, it means everything to me.

Writing a novel like Versailles is a strange experience. You pour all your love and soul into something, you draft and redraft and then one day you've finished, typos notwithstanding. Then the book's this presence in your life, like a mythical beast that's 70 storeys high but only you can see. Or it's like having the most extraordinary cache of fireworks and having to wait for the sky to darken so you can set them all off – and now this experience with Unbound. Now I get to fire off a few rockets! Write VERSAILLES in mid-air with my sparkler! 

So exciting to feel like a world I made up has had a portal open up somewhere at its borders. A portal to a real world of potential readers. That's all I want. Writing so often feels like one half of a conversation. This experience with Unbound feels like the other half.

Over the coming weeks I'm going to let you guys through the portal, to take a look inside Versailles itself, the mansion. Versailles has 100 rooms, and I'm going to let you see what's going on in some of them. A room a week maybe, something like that. I'll keep you posted!

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