By Yannick Hill

An epic novel about identity in the internet age

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Versailles Love


Funded! Third to last pledger was a taxi driver I was riding with at the time! This whole thing’s been a rollercoaster and I want to thank everyone again who’s supported me. You’re part of this. Your names will be in the back of the book, woven into its DNA. People I’ve known and those who will know me through my writing. It’s very moving, actually.

Versailles will be my first novel. I’m very proud of it. It’s about the internet. It’s about connectedness. It’s about disconnectedness. It’s Gothic, a rite of passage, it’s a page-turner. Writers get asked all the time what qualifies them to write a particular work. Well, Versailles is a go at capturing what it feels like to be alive right now, in the internet age. And I’m alive right now and I’ve got a smart phone and I’ve always liked telling stories even when they were stupid boring kid ones about rabbits living in trees I told anyone who'd listen. So I reckon that qualifies me to write the book I did. Versailles.

Versailles will go into print next year. It will look really cool and modern and have a decent heft to it because it’s about 300 pages long and I think you’ll love it. I’m not meant to say that but I have. Versailles is a love letter. I’m not sure for whom but it feels like one. A love letter rendered in neon tubing and set against a dark, dark sky.

A big kiss to you all on this the first day of autumn.

Yannick x

P.S. People can still pledge for Versailles even now it's funded, so if you know anyone who you think might be interested, link them here:

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