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An epic novel about identity in the internet age

Monday, 17 October 2016


Two wonderful reviews have arrived for Versailles, one in this last weekend's Irish Times and the other in i-D magazine:

(favourite quote: "The perfect Christmas gift for Mark Zuckerberg")

(favourite quote: "The best example of teenage-centred dystopia since The Hunger Games or Snapchat.")

Reading these gives me renewed energy and belief in the book, and more than that it makes me want to get writing again. To accompany the Irish Times review, I was invited to write a feature about the genesis of the novel. My first idea was to do something relating to my book's main themes of perpetual connectivity and mass-surveillance. But I quickly realized that I couldn't talk about the origins of Versailles without talking about losing my mum. It was in the months after her death that I began work on the novel and you can read about this experience here:

One or two of the things I say in this piece I haven't even said out loud to my closest friends or loved ones, but I'm glad I did.

I've also been getting lovely messages from people who have read the book. I can't tell you how much it means and how interesting it is for me to hear your thoughts about Versailles and would encourage you get in touch any way you like. A review on amazon and goodreads is also great thing, as it really, really helps with the book's visibility in the market, so do write a few lines if you have a moment. 

Thank you again all of you for believing in the book and your continued support.


Yannick x

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