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Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Strange Adventure

Dear Everyone,

I suspect something may have arrived in the post for most of you by now, and if not you should expect your special holographic copy of my novel Versailles any day.

Doesn't it looks amazing?? Like my grandad said on the phone yesterday it looks like a jewel, a real treasure. And inside, at the very end are all your names, a list of all the people who made it happen. Thank you again for your support.

And I hope you enjoy the story. Missy's strange, offline adventure. River's online shenanigans. Synthea's ghostly wanderings. The mansion's pyrotechnics. A six-foot monitor lizard on the loose. A social media mogul gone haywire. I hope you enjoy Versailles. I wrote it in a big flash of inspiration after my mum Milena died. So this is for her.

And if you do like the book be great if you could tell your friends about it, Facebook, Instagram, Tweet about it. And it's out today in all good bookshops in the UK. And if you visit Versailles' Amazon page it'd be great to have a review because these things make a difference to the novel's visibility in the digital world!

But mainly enjoy these last days of summer.  

All my love,

P.S. For anyone who asks, you can still buy the book through Unbound, here:

P.P.S. Here's me in the factory when the special edition was being printed, pretending to inspect it for imperfections 

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Cara Usher
 Cara Usher says:

hey yannick. on behalf of "everyone", i say "you're welcome" :) congratulations on a successful unbound campaign, and a wonderful book. i hope it finds a wide and enthusiastic audience!!


posted 25th August 2016

Yannick Hill
 Yannick Hill says:

Thank you, Cara, such kind words, and very encouraging!

posted 7th September 2016

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