By William J. Meyer

A Valkyrie appears before four separate warriors in the hour of their death, seeking to recruit each for her own secret purpose.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019


I like to draw maps to keep track of my characters. That’s the primary function of these sketches. Where is so-and-so and when? 

I thought it’d be fun to show you the current progression of maps I drew for VALKYRIE. 

Click on the images to see larger versions!

Sketches 1-3:

Here are some early doodles, done in the margins of the book’s manuscript. The “tree” is Yggdrasil, the World Tree in Norse Mythology. I’m sure my sketch is accurate! It was never meant to be present geographically speaking, but the tree is present in the book. You can also see that between these early sketches I never moved any of the main locations around. The mountain was always north east of the ocean, the foggy forest south of the mountain, and so on, even before I knew what they were named.

Sketch 4:

The tall map above on typing paper is where I started locking in the geography based on specific story points. You can see I named and renamed locations. The “ep” numbers refer to the original structure of the story in its early script form. The whole thing started as a short script I wrote, which I then started developing as a series of nine episodes. At some point I decided VALKYRIE should be a novel. Also of note, on the top left you can see “Vigikel” crossed out and replaced with “Helgafell.” I wanted to contextualize my fictional map with an actual location and eventually chose Helgafell, a small mountain in Iceland.

Work-in-Progress Map: 

I drew this current map using vectors. You can see I illustrated the paths of some of the characters as they make their way through the story, though I did not indicate in which direction they are moving! The thick dotted lines in the ocean indicate vast distances, so those areas are not to scale, and are meant to be ambiguous.

Work-in-Progress Map Detail:

I started populating the map with little moments of lore. For instance, the three statues called Sixten, Steinarr, and Somerled are positioned in a straight line— when viewed from the position of Somerled, these three statues form a new, fourth image. But what?

Thanks for taking a look at my maps--!

You may have caught a glimpse of the top map in various VALKYRIE videos.
If not, here's a link to a video collection, including the actors from the booktrailer reading excerpts of the novel.

OK, more posts in the weeks ahead--!


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