By William J. Meyer

A Valkyrie appears before four separate warriors in the hour of their death, seeking to recruit each for her own secret purpose.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Kollr, the Cave-Dweller

In the previous two Valkyrie posts I introduced you to Einarr and Glyrna, two characters not in the booktrailer. Here's a third such character-- named Kollr!

Click on the drawing to see a larger version.

Kollr is a miserable but whimsical fool living in a cave on the side of the mountain Rúnhallr. He saves Widsith's life, or maybe she saves his. In writing Kollr for the book, I was inspired by any number of character precedents including the enslaved Caliban from Shakespeare's The Tempest, the covetous Gollum from Tolkien's The Hobbit, and Mr. Atoz, the cantankerous librarian from the original Star Trek episode "All Our Yesterdays." 

In this excerpt, Kollr is about to put on a shadow play for Widsith against the wall of his cave.

KOLLR. Come there, opposite me, before the fire. A better view you will have, and a constant reminder the shadows have no substance-- No will of their own, but act only as they are bidden.


WIDSITH. Kollr thinks Widsith would forget and run screaming from this place?


KOLLR. You might, or else misplace your ire, and then injure me. Yes, I may direct the shapes, but the fire casts the shadows, and back further still, what dances the flames-- but the ever-warm breath of the gods?


WIDSITH. Widsith wonders, if a two-eyed Odin played a one-eyed Odin, would the player possess twice as much wisdom-- or half?


KOLLR. Ah, splendid. You are in the right frame of mind to half-see these shadow players. With that in mind, one eye may be best, but do as you will, open as many or as few as you like. As for me, I need both, so my puppets do not plunge into the fire on mistake-- and end the story too soon.

You can hear more from Kollr in this short reading by Maia Kazin. 
She played Widsith in the booktrailer:

The play has just begun-- and continues in Valkyrie!

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