By William J. Meyer

A Valkyrie appears before four separate warriors in the hour of their death, seeking to recruit each for her own secret purpose.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Glyrna, the Shield-Maiden

In the next two Valkyrie posts I'd like to introduce you to two more characters not in the booktrailer.

Click on the drawing to see a larger version!

This is Glyrna, a warrior lost as sea. Glyrna climbs aboard a ruined longship where she finds an injured Aegir, one of the main protagonists in the book. The two warriors meet following a long battle at sea between the people of Reidun and the people of Helgafell. As a storm approaches, Glyrna and Aegir face the sea-draugr together, and become fast friends. 

    Glyrna stepped forward and knelt before Aegir. She set the sword down beside them. She brought a small pouch over to Aegir's leg. She started dressing his wounds, but the rumble of distant thunder gave her pause.

    “The benches of Valhalla are creaking,” said Glyrna. She offered Aegir a gentle smile.

    “Yes,” agreed Aegir. “And that storm will give us trouble.” He nodded at the spread of blue and white light on the horizon.

    Glyrna followed his look. “But that storm goes south,” she said.

    “I have a feeling,” answered Aegir.

    “Then let's make ready,” said Glyrna. She tied off the crude bandage. “To survive the night.”

    It started to rain.

    Thick gray fingers grabbed the lip of the longship. Just beside Glyrna's head.

    Aegir swallowed. “Glyrna--" he gasped.

    The shield-maiden turned to witness a sea-draugr, its mouth agape, rise up beside the ship. It stretched a malformed hand toward her neck. Before Glyrna could react, the draugr lifted a leg and stood onboard. The thing wore incomplete armor, and neither Aegir nor Glyrna could be sure of the creature's former allegiance.

    "Glyrna!" shouted Aegir.

    Glyrna scrambled away from the sea-draugr and rolled upright. She snatched up the black blade and aimed it at the dead warrior with two hands.

    Aegir struggled to stand. The pain wracked him, asserting its position as his master. Aegir's strength waned and he slid down against the sternpost. He caught himself halfway and growled.

    Glyrna sprang forward to knock the draugr back into the sea, but with a heavy fist it thwarted her attack, knocking her weapon out of her grasp. The black blade landed on a pile of dead warriors, joining them at the bottom of the longship.

The battle has just begun-- and continues in Valkyrie!

Tell your friends about pledging to Valkyrie-- or we may never discover Glyrna and Aegir's fate!

Next week we'll meet Kollr, the creepy Cave-Dweller.

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