By William J. Meyer

A Valkyrie appears before four separate warriors in the hour of their death, seeking to recruit each for her own secret purpose.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Einarr, the Itinerant Father

In the next three Valkyrie posts I'd like to introduce you to three characters not in the booktrailer.

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First we have Einarr, a warrior of the city Reidun. His father left his family many years ago, and for a long time Einarr held on to the hope he might one day return. But now Einarr is an old man, and has fought his final battle. Or so he believes. Ready to die and cross into the next world, Einarr meets the loquacious Hildr the Valkyrie. She appears before him in his tent, questioning why Einarr abandoned his own child, his daughter Kára.

    Einarr closed his eyes in exasperation. “This chatter is ill-suited for my tent. Is that how you waste your days? Such mystifications?”

    “How did you waste yours?”

    Einarr shouted. “I wasted nothing! I defended my home and my people with the last drop of my own blood! I was out there not an hour hence killing for my chieftain! That raiding party is no more. If I wanted a final crucible, I would summon the patron of thieves and invite him to steal my dignity. I would battle his wits, not yours. Unless you are him in woman guise? No, I wish to-- to-- leave in peace and ignorance.”

    “I pray that great thief will not show his face here.”

    “Oh, you pray that? Take heed, the hearing of the gods is turned this way and that, and there is no telling. No Loki? Did he not fatigue my ancestors? If not me, he will befog my progeny, surely.”

    “Do not say his name, if I can trouble you to keep him anonymous.”

    Einarr grinned. “Oh, your mettle is porous now, is it?”

    “If we must speak of him-- He gave birth to wolves, serpents, and lies. What did you give birth to, Einarr?”


    “Why did you leave? Tell me.”    

    “If I tell you, will you go?”

    “Tell me,” answered the woman.

    “Would it really matter if I crossed the threshold of this world without you knowing? Am I not allowed a single secret intact? The fact is, I left. Will knowing why change anything?”

    “The threshold before you is but one of many. Your secret, as you call it, may not only be a burden in this world, but also the next. And in other worlds, besides.”

Will Einarr be found worthy?

Tell your friends about pledging to Valkyrie-- or we may never discover Einarr's fate!

Next week we'll meet Glyrna, the Shield-Maiden!

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