By William J. Meyer

A Valkyrie appears before four separate warriors in the hour of their death, seeking to recruit each for her own secret purpose.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Chatting about Aegir

Hello again! The day before we shot the Valkyrie trailer, I sat down with the actors to briefly discuss their characters. In this second chat, I speak with actor Christopher Karbo about the sea-warrior Aegir!

You can find the transcription of the video interview below.

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Thank you so much! See you next week when we chat about the shield-maiden Nótt!



Valkyrie Chatting about Aegir Transcript

WILLIAM: Chris, thanks for coming out today to talk about Aegir, who you play in the trailer. 

CHRIS: Hey, thanks for bringing me on.

WILLIAM:  When Aegir first appears in the novel, what is it that he wants?

CHRIS: Well, uh, when we first meet him he believes he’s the sole survivor of a battle between three forces, uh, which are the enemies of the city Reidun, his city, ah, a horde of sea-draugr, and his small crew of men. Ah, so really, at the beginning, all he wants is to survive the night and to get safely to shore. But, that’s when the Valkyrie comes in.

WILLIAM: When the Valkyrie shows up, what does she want of Aegir?

CHRIS: Well she begins by asking him a series of questions to, uh, illuminate his role in that battle. And this is someone who’s been good at this thing for a very long time, and suddenly he’s worried, have I become a monster, what have I done in the name of my duty, my honor, those things, what is required of me and is it too much? It can be tough when you know what the ends are but you have to be the means. Where does the justification come in, and that’s his, that’s what’s tearing him apart.

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