Unladylike: A Grrl's Guide to Wrestling

By Heather Bandenburg

Unladylike is the first book written about feminism and wrestling - it follows one unlikely woman's journey to becoming an infamous masked wrestler, and honestly retells the life lessons grappling teaches her on the way.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

It’s almost here…

I'm finally able to share with you the cover of Unladylike, a Grrls guide to wrestling AND ISN’T IT AMAZING

I’m so thrilled with this cover design by the talented people at Unbound, not in the least because it almost exactly mirrors the style of my proudest possession which is this poster.

Yes that is the humble, grotesque Rana Venenosa listed alongside the legendary Lady Apache and Silver King at York Hall N.B.D.

What’s even more exciting than a cover? TYPESETTING



My bestie Rebecca Biscuit of award-winning feminist performance art duo (alledgedly), Sh!t Theatre, told me that nothing would compare with the excitement of seeing my name printed in a sexy typesetting next to some copy right gumf. She was absolutely correct.

Until I embarked on this project the only way I copy-writed things was posted them to my Dad to keep in a pile of sealed and dated envelopes next to my birth certificate, bursting with incredible ideas only to be shared in the event of my death or a copy right dispute. I still maintain this works and DAD, THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN THROW THEM AWAY, but it isn’t nearly as wonderful as the first page of the final manuscript.

Sorry, did you say final manuscript?

Yes. After the work of five separate editors last month we agreed that as a team the final edition is ready to go. The only thing that needs to be finalised is the list of pledgers.

I can also confirm that I will now never read my book again. Nope, absolutely not.


I haven’t even mentioned the illustrations

My last update I mentioned I was trying to get someone kidn enough to turn 50 of my incredibly bad sketches to become fully-fledged wrestling illustrations. Unbound worked their magic and I have been blessed to have the incredible Jules Scheele work on the images. Below are a few but Julia’s originals are so fantastic I will definitely be printing them on limited edition T shirts and print to sell at the launch event.



On the 11th of July, I will be having a book launch at the Resistance Gallery (where else) to celebrate the release of Unladylike – the event is free and everyone is invited.

What to expect:

4 wrestling matches
Britain’s heaviest light entertainer, Jerry Bakewell
A Q and A with me about the book, plus some readings, but don’t worry not too much
One free drink per pledgee
The chance to collect your additional pledgee joy – that is zines and wrestler character sheets, as well as aforementioned wrestling goodies on limited release.

The event is 7.30 onwards and more details are here


In the meantime, I am keeping busy trying to publicise my book everywhere to mixed levels of success. I’m very excited to have some reviewers from across the globe >YEP< getting a sneak peak of Unladylike around the launch date, as well as some great interviews on the cards for building hype. I will send out a full list of public appearances where I will try not to completely make a tit of myself in the next few weeks.

But I also recommend giving this interview with my top babes Grap Grrlz who were members of a Buffy-themed riot grrl band and now run a feminist podcast. We talk zines and why the book exists, give it a listen as they are top quality content producers.

I understand there are a lot of CAPS in this update, that I because I am unbelievably excited and terrified that this is happening. Thank you to everyone who has made it possible, I owe you all much more than a book and a free drink.

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