Morphine, Milestones and Mae Young

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

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Hello beautiful supporters of Unaldylike. I hope that you've not all melted in to the suburban pavements of heat-wave Britain.

First off – an enormous thank you. With your help I've passed my second funding milestone of two thousand pounds. It's overwhelming to have been able to reach this target with the help of people who want to support something as niche, yet important, as angry ladies within…

Summer of Spandex

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

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Thank you to everyone who has supported Unladylike so far. In just a few weeks I've already been able to raise a quarter of my target just due to the sheer astonishment that a book is being released with feminism and wrestling in the title. There's been a lovely mix of brand new and existing wrestling fans getting invested in the project and it warms my little heart muscles.

On the 14th of June…

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