Unfortunate Ends

By Soren Lily

A roll call of deaths from Twitter's Medieval Death Bot.

Thursday, 16 December 2021

Same Book - New Title!

Hello backers!

With the book now fully edited and illustrated, the only thing currently in the works is the cover design. And one thing you might not expect to see on it is an entirely different title!

While 'Murdered by Clerks' is likely what the book will forever be in my heart, I've agreed with the publishers to change the title to 'Unfortunate Ends - on Murder and Misadventure in Medieval England'. We went back and forth on a few title ideas, and in the end we all feel that this one best represents what the book is really about.

The book is still slated for a 2022 release, which is right around the corner! Thank you all so much for being so patient over the years as this book has been lovingly written and developed by myself and the team at Unbound. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well and I wish you all happy, safe and healthy holidays!

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David G Tubby
 David G Tubby says:

Not having read the book, I cannot comment on the relevance of the title. However, I think the new title is crap. I liked the old title. Had you used the new title initially, I doubt I would have noticed the book.

posted 17th December 2021

Alexander Nirenberg
 Alexander Nirenberg says:

I like the old title; it was catchy and to the point. I hope that this was not forced on you by the woke brigade that is taking the fun out of life.

posted 17th December 2021

Barry Rees
 Barry Rees says:

I guess if the majority of deaths were not murders by clerks, I can see the reason for the change. Maybe 'Murdered by Clerks and other Unfortunate Ends' with the sub title 'Murder and Misadventure in Medieval England' might have been a better compromise!

posted 17th December 2021

Belynda J. Shadoan
 Belynda J. Shadoan says:

I agree with previous commentators. The new title is boring. I second Barry Rees. His suggested title of “Murder by Clerks & Other Unfortunate Ends” is very fitting. But may I suggest a subtitle of “Murder & Misadventure in Merry Ol’ England”?

posted 17th December 2021

Alexander Chreky
 Alexander Chreky says:

I'm not a fan of the new title, I have to echo what others have said about it being generic and boring, like many other titles that populate our wonderful bookstores.

posted 17th December 2021

Matt Smith
 Matt Smith says:

I get why it would be changed, but having made this kind of choice myself, I wish that I had stuck with the original title that out a smile on my face. the subtitle does the heavy lifting for people to know what it's about.

posted 17th December 2021

Michael Reeves
 Michael Reeves says:

The fact that I bought in because of the twitter bot account, which was a chuckle, but now defunct, the title needed to change really. I hope the spirit of the murderous clerks is the backbone of the book still though.
Spicy Mike.

posted 17th December 2021

Brett Jensen
 Brett Jensen says:

Oh look, $30 I spent 2 years ago now has a different title for something I still don't have.

posted 17th December 2021

Lesley Wood
 Lesley Wood says:

This is a fantastic achievement and I'm looking forward to buying multiple copies, whatever the title.

posted 17th December 2021

Maureen Heon
 Maureen Heon says:

Maureen Heon says:

I just want the book, don't care what the title is. So glad to get the update!! cheers.

posted 17th December 2021

Dennis Evanosky
 Dennis Evanosky says:

I have 12 published books and I know first-hand that publishers mess with your creation so you know who is really in charge.

Can't wait to get your book. Are they going to let keep Medieval Death Bot?

posted 18th December 2021

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