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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Murdered by Clerks is Finished

Well, you read it. I got the rough draft of the book done last month! This has been, overwhelmingly, the most time consuming and demanding project I've ever done, and I appreciate everyone's patience for it (and with me) so, so much.

(The next time I say I'm going to write a non fiction history book, I'm quoting at least 5 years to completion. Cause yikes dudes.)

What's next is: editing and illustration. I'm having a few colleagues look it over for me to help clean it up and catch any snags I may have missed. It went through some beta reading with friends a few months ago and the responces were very positive! I also have to write the introduction (which will be fun--I love all the nerdy nitty gritty) and also... illustrating. The art should go much quicker than the writing, so we're only a few months off from having the whole thing done and ready to go into publication.

Thank you all again for your patience, I'm so excited to be this much closer to sharing this amazing book with you!

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Andrea Gill
 Andrea Gill says:

Fabulous news :)

posted 18th September 2020

Clifford Lauri
 Clifford Lauri says:

Great news

posted 18th September 2020

Bonnie Russell
 Bonnie Russell says:


posted 18th September 2020

Dennis Evanosky
 Dennis Evanosky says:

Can't wait to see how everything "ends."

posted 18th September 2020

Mark Vent
 Mark Vent says:

wonderful! - so the sequel will be ready for 2025 then? ;)

posted 18th September 2020

Andrew Matthias
 Andrew Matthias says:

Excellent new!

posted 18th September 2020

Anthony Christopher
 Anthony Christopher says:

Wonderful news!
[looks around for rogue clerks]

posted 18th September 2020

Philip Harkins
 Philip Harkins says:

Aww fantastic stuff. I can’t wait to receive my copies!
You will look back in the future and it will be well worth the while and effort, sleepless nights and stressful mornings.
And having discovered this site, I’m now supporting another author on their journey too, one I’m sure they’ll find as challenging yet wonderful as you have.

posted 18th September 2020

Athena Pogue
 Athena Pogue says:

At last, some GOOD news in 2020 - thank you so much!!

posted 20th September 2020

Jonathan Scott
 Jonathan Scott says:

What happened to the bot? It seems to have been banned :(

posted 19th January 2021

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