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Monday, 30 December 2019

Long Time No See!

Hello Backers!

I know it’s been silent around here for a while, but rest assured the book is still happening! Non-fiction, especially one like this that branches into so many small and detailed aspects of medieval life, requires a lot of extensive research & fact checking. It’s not a quick and easy thing to write, so the turn-around is a big longer than if it was of a different genre! I want to make it something as entertaining as it is informative—and as correct as possible, since the middle ages in England is something I care about deeply and don’t want to do a disservice to in my presentation of it to you all. So I want to thank you for your patience and understanding in waiting for the book for so long! 

I’m currently aiming to have the book finished by this coming spring. Originally the deadline was earlier, but I’ve had a bad run with carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome in both my arms, as well as an extremely heavy workload, all of which left me unable to work on the book at all for a few months. For this I’m greatly sorry, but I didn’t want to risk my health and cause further damage to my arms by pushing through it. Thankfully I’m doing better now and can get back to seriously writing hundred and hundreds and thousands of words about people dying!

I can’t provide an estimated publication date, since I’m just the author and not the publisher, but I will do my absolute best to keep you all informed with how the book is progressing after this! Currently I’m researching deeper into some of the deaths requested by $115 tier backers. We’ve got cesspits, drunken loitering and opprobrious words. Oh, and rest assured there are already chapters about clerks, murderous clerks, pig deaths and one I’ve titled “John Wick Goes Medieval”.

Thank you all again so much for your support and your patience! I hope you all have wonderful starts to the new year and have a clerk-free 2020!

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Lesley Wood
 Lesley Wood says:

It's important that your book should be as well-researched as possible. I can be patient. Not hanging out with any clerks, I hope to live to read your book.

posted 30th December 2019

Carl Moss
 Carl Moss says:

It would be a little ironic if I couldn’t wait a few weeks for a book about events that happened 500 years ago. It will be worth waiting for. As a fellow carpal tunnel sufferer, don’t overdo it!

posted 30th December 2019

Brian Thomas Rooney
 Brian Thomas Rooney says:

Well glad to get some feed back , I lost quite a bit of money on a couple of books I pledged through pledge music who went bust without a word or apology to all its pledgers
Was beginning to think not again! Anyway looking forward to getting the book.
Brian rheumatoid arthritis sufferer that painful lol

posted 30th December 2019

Richard Bedwell
 Richard Bedwell says:

Thanks for the update, you've kept this potentially murderous clerk at bay for a few more months :)

posted 30th December 2019

Themistocles Papassilekas
 Themistocles Papassilekas says:

Oh goody, glad to see it's still happening! No worries, those have been cold cases for a while now...

posted 30th December 2019

Micah Morrison
 Micah Morrison says:

Your health must come first. I suspect we all know what a long, tough road it is to write a book. The update is much appreciated. Two things I would read with interest in the book: 1) an Afterword on research techniques, and 2) a note on those dastardly clerks. Hang in there and best wishes for the new year!

posted 30th December 2019

Lucinda Abbott
 Lucinda Abbott says:

I got myself a nice case of RSI while doing my MLIS, which dogs me to this day, ten years on. Be sure to take frequent rest breaks and use voice dictation software. I completed my degree using Naturally Speaking, a godsend!

posted 30th December 2019

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