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how to have your best career

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Thank you & Merry Christmas

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your support for my book, ‘The Women’s Sat Nav to Success: How to have your best career’.

I’m sure you, like me, are wondering where on earth 2018 went.

I had really hoped that it would be with you by now. As the year started it looked as if there was a serious contender for a corporate sponsor of the book but by the end of summer they decided against the opportunity. So, I just want to say that I am incredibly grateful that you have given your tangible support. My efforts have redoubled to try and get the funding over the line ASAP, and the book into your hands.

There has been plenty of good news on other fronts across the year at The Women’s Sat Nav to Success HQ and I’d just like to share these briefly as the book has driven a number of other ways to really make a difference for working women.

Firstly, the programmes, seminars and coaching in which I share the insights and strategies detailed in the book have made a significant difference to many of the women who have taken part. For many, the impact has been very tangible with 20% of the delegates attending the Women’s Sat Nav to Success Fast Start Programme having been promoted within 10 weeks! That’s with less than 5 hours of interaction with the content: 4 hours in a workshop and half an hour’s one-to-one coaching.

And secondly, our annual Women’s Sat Nav to Success Survey opened on February 14th. It’s an important and memorable day for women, as it’s the day women start to get paid if you annualise the average gender pay gap. The survey takes a distilled version of the 21 strategic enablers of women’s success that are shared in detail in the book, and it asks participants where they are against each strategy and what this means for their engagement with their employer and for their motivation to progress their career. The aim is to identify and measure the most significant issues and opportunities to address the barriers to women’s fulfilment in the workplace so that employers can take action where it matters the most and makes the most difference.

With the sponsorship of Liverpool Victoria and workingmums.co.uk this year, we were able to gain an even more significant uptake, and the analysis of the data has revealed some powerful and important findings. Some challenge perceptions and some give stark measurement of the impact of unconscious bias at work. Most importantly, it’s enabled me to locate the ‘first domino’. This is the issue that sets in motion a range of consequences affecting women’s recognition, progression, support, opportunity access and rewards. By addressing this first domino, organisations can limit these consequences and benefit from a more motivated and engaged female workforce, while also reduce their gender pay gap. Let me know if you’d like any further information such as a copy of the report or the infographic summary.

I try to ensure that whenever The Women’s Sat Nav makes contact, it makes a difference. So, I have built into the survey the opportunity for participants to make notes as they go through, on any new insights gained or any actions they want to take. At the end there is an option to download their copy of the survey free. In 2018 47% of respondents identified immediate opportunities to improve their career situation: a great outcome. And I’m confident that we’ll make an even greater impact in 2019 with an even greater reach.

So, thank you once again for your support for my book.

I hope your Christmas has got off to an excellent start and I wish you a very happy and healthy new year and hope that 2019 brings you success in the things that are important to you.


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