Underneath The Archers

By Graham Harvey

A powerful memoir by the environmental campaigner & former agricultural story editor of The Archers.

Friday, 28 January 2022

Thank-you Stephen Fry

            Huge thanks to Stephen Fry for his great endorsement of my book, Underneath The Archers. Here’s what he wrote about it:

            ‘Any fan of The Archers will down this book in grateful glugs, like Eddie Grundy necking cider. As hilarious, charming, eccentric, informative, addictive and delightful as the show itself. But there’s a truly fascinating social and agricultural history behind Graham Harvey’s masterly story-telling too. The changes that have come to Ambridge are changes that have transformed our world. It turns out that this little village makes a wonderful lens through which to look at the whole story of Britain’.

            How could any author fail to be delighted with comments like that? As you’d expect, Stephen Fry has got to the very nub of the book. When I wrote it I naturally hoped it would interest and amuse Archers fans. But I also wanted to look a little wider; to say something about what the national institution that is The Archers reveals about us, the British, and who we think we are. Particularly in relation to our countryside.

              Stephen Fry’s endorsement suggests that I’ve been at least partially successful. For which I can only offer him my sincere thanks.

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Mark Andrews
 Mark Andrews says:

What a wonderful endorsement. Well done Graham.

posted 28th January 2022

Graham Harvey
 Graham Harvey says:

Many thanks, Mark. Now to get the book funded.

posted 28th January 2022

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