Underneath The Archers

By Graham Harvey

A powerful memoir by the environmental campaigner & former agricultural story editor of The Archers.

Autobiography | Environment
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Publication date: August 2023

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Any fan of The Archers will down this book in grateful glugs, like Eddie Grundy necking cider. As hilarious, charming, eccentric, informative, addictive and delightful as the show itself. But there’s a truly fascinating social and agricultural history behind Graham Harvey’s masterly story-telling too. The changes that have come to Ambridge are changes that have transformed our world. It turns out that this little village makes a wonderful lens through which to look at the whole story of Britain.  STEPHEN FRY

All of the extraordinary changes and developments of the last seventy years have found a place within Ambridge. For almost half that time, Graham Harvey was the man behind its agricultural storylines, responsible for writing over 600 episodes. He helped to craft some of the most memorable moments in the show’s history (the Great Flood, the death of Nigel Pargetter, the Grundy’s loss of their farm, the gaslighting of Helen Archer) while also making sure it kept up with the rapid pace of change in village life and farming practices.                          

Underneath The Archers also tells how Graham uncovers his father's dark wartime secret, a trauma which blighted Graham’s childhood and helped foster his deep attachment to the English countryside. This led him to a career not just as a writer but as an environmental campaigner and champion of sustainable farming. His 1997 book on the failures of industrial farming, The Killing of the Countryside is now hailed as modern classic, a UK version of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. In 2008 he went on to co-found what has become Britain’s leading conference on ecological agriculture, the Oxford Real Farming Conference.                                                                 

The collective nightmare of COVID has made us all look once again at the role the countryside plays in our nation. Brexit has us debating the future of our land, its crops and animals. Underneath The Archers addresses both with authority, warmth and humour.          

The Archers has been at the centre of British national life for seventy years. It is the world’s longest running drama with over five million listeners every week and is Radio 4's most listened-to non-news programme. To understand the countryside, Harvey argues, the best place to start is by looking at the stories we tell about it.

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