By Chris Bonnello

A near-future war novel, where teenagers who escaped an attack on their special school become the last hope of freeing the British people.

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Want your name printed in Underdogs 3? (If so, time's almost up!)

Hi everyone, I’m delighted to say that time is running out!

We’re almost at the “final proof” stage of Underdogs: Acceleration, which means the book will be totally put together and almost ready for printing and distribution.

What this means is we have to finalise our supporters list - the list of names in the back of the book to thank everyone who brought it back to life. (I’m near-certain you’ll still be able to pre-order to book up to its release date, but let’s face it- I think most people reading this would rather have their names in the book than not have their names in the book.)

So here’s the link to Underdogs: Acceleration’s pre-order page, for those who don’t want to miss the metaphorical boat (and also see those bonus short stories I've been writing!). Thanks as always for your support with the series, and I hope you love the book when it comes out.

(And, because I take every opportunity to mention it, here’s a link to Underdogs’ Facebook community.)


United by our differences,

Chris Bonnello

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